Welcome To Mind Shot
Mind Shot Podcast With Purdeep Sangha - The Complete Man
Welcome To Mind Shot
March 5, 2021
Welcome to Mind Shot with Purdeep Sangha where you get one ounce of POWERFUL wisdom without the hangover of a drawn out podcast.
If you're a busy, family oriented businessman, meaning you're a CEO, executive, business owner, entrepreneur or professional, this is the podcast for you. 

Every day from Monday to Friday, you'll have access to a super short episode that is less than five minutes with insight that will improve your performance, help you achieve your biggest goals faster and easier, live a more fulfilling life and avoid the biggest pitfalls that hold men back from having the life they've always wanted. 

My name is Purdeep Sangha, widely known as a Strategist For Businessmen, and I coach some of the top businessmen in their industries, and I'm here to share their secrets with you so you can get the results you're looking for in your life. 

You'll get the powerful combination of proven leadership strategies, real neuroscience and on top of that ancient wisdom that has helped elite men succeed for thousands of years. So stay tuned for the next episode.